AT&T Call Protect App Reviews

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Not sure

Still get calls even get calls that says telemarketer . Called them said that shouldn’t happen . Will get back to be . Haven’t yet . Hey at least it catches a few .

Good but room for improvement

If I see "telemarketer" on the screen, it shouldn't ring at all. Send those directly to voicemail, please.

What a joke

Blocked one call but let 3 in even though they were not on my contact list. Deleted it after that.


Not sure why this application would not block identify telemarketer calls by default, upon first use this thing is worthless

Nails Many Spam Calls

This is not 100% perfect, but I do not think that would be possible. It does often “know” when a call is from a telemarketer, and changes the caller ID to say “telemarketer.“ Amazing! Free and easy to set up too!

Doesn’t seem to work

Names of callers changed to “Telemarketer” but that’s it. Calls keep coming through. Nothing blocked automatically.

It’s working at 50%

Still getting call😡🤬


Great app


No more weird spoofing calls! Yay!

Doesn’t even work

The app was supposed to block spam calls but it never does

Sub par

Doesn’t block all calls

Need to block # is not in contact

This app is not working because still I received call from people the I don’t have on my contacts and a lot people say same thing

Calls still come in

Some calls still come through

Awesome app

This help keeps me more productive because I can avoid all the spam calls now. Best app I have added in a while.

Saves Time

No more wasting time answering telemarketers


This is just what I need thanks

Pretty decent call protection

This AT&T app doesn’t catch all the BS calls, but does save me the hassle of answering fraudulent calls on many occasions! Phone scammers are unrelenting jerks looking to take advantage of anyone they can! This app helps head some of the jerks off before they ever get to talk to you. I haven’t seen even one number I wanted to talk to on the list that were not allowed through - so your friends will still get through to you! Personally, I would like to see an app that let me push a button when a scammer calls that will destroy his phone, or even better, his hearing! But I don’t think that is in the future of things! Phone scammers are the scum of the earth!

Love this AP!

This has saved me so much time. I don’t have to be bothered by “unwanted “ calls


Absolutely worthless app. Same callers from everywhere but mostly Ramsey NJ. Use your iPhone block- just as effective.

What’s The Point?

So far has not automatically blocked a single call, even from numbers that the app labels as “Severe” threats. I can manually block callers through IOS so what is this app doing for me?

Call Protect is Awesome

I love call protect it works. It blocks all of my annoying calls. Thank you AT&T.

Allows call identified as ”Telemarketer”.

This app has disallowed calls that do not appear to be a risk. It also allows calls that are clearly identified as “telemarketer“.


Thanks to this AT&Tapp I no longer have annoying robot calls ringing in.

Does not seem to wrong

It says it auto blocked a phone call, but it allowed my phone to ring and the spammer to leave a voicemail. I don’t understand how this helped me

Unwanted calls

I am so happy too finally have found an app that will try its best too block unwanted calls


App does absolutely nothing. It blocked a total of 3 calls and one of them I blocked manually myself. I got it because I get at least 10 robot calls a week and it’s done nothing to stop it like the last call I got was obviously a robo call, number was very similar to mine and everything, but I waited and waited and it didn’t block it even after I ended the call. Don’t waste your time try a different app.

Half as good as it can be

It does the job of filtering calls. It does nothing to permit me to verify whether the “potential” or “suspected” call is legitimate. Cannot review other people’s reports to assess whether it is a desired contact or not. Have to search internet for other reports for the phone number to see who it might be & what they want, unless you answer the call, if it comes through. Don’t see a white list function, short of adding it as a contact.

Great App for Automatically Blocking Unwanted Calld

App does a great job of blocking calls. Send to work on almost 100% of spam calls. 5 stars if they can fix the notifications. I get 6 or 7 notifications for each call blocked.

So so

Never locks calls from 414-218....and these are all fraudulent calls.

The best from AT&T

I really love this app! For first time in so much time I can be sure that I willl not waste my time each time that my phone rings, because I will not receive unwanted calls anymore...when they call this app automaticaly blocks it and it is register in the app although my phone doesn’t ring. It is amazing I had 15 calls blocked from the same number in only 5 min! Thank you so much AT&T for listening your customers and developed this app, for things like this and more is you are the best company!


Love This app can’t believe I waited is long to get!!!! 😍


It is nice to have unwanted calls blocked.This is a great app!!!

Claims to have blocked call, but does not.

It seems to be blocking some calls, but still rings quite often from crap calls. Lets ie. “Unknown” incoming call ring until standard timeout. No added benefit. Claims in log history to have blocked it.


I can now answer my phone without looking at the caller ID and wondering if it’s real or a solicitor.

Great tool

I’ve been plagued with spam calls & this app helped immensely by auto-blocking known spam & flagging suspected spam. The only reason I’m giving it 4 stars instead of 5 stars is b/c I wish there was a preference setting that let me change the action of “flagged” calls to “block” since all the flagged calls I get are indeed spam.

This is what's been needed forever!

I love this, I was constantly getting spam and scam calls on my phone up to 10 times a day, now nothing this thing is great!!!!


Completely useless, doesn’t even show up that the unknown caller has called and doesn’t block them either.

Saves me from annoying calls at work.

When I’m at work I can’t always use a “do not disturb” setting. But it’s always a little awkward if I get unfamiliar numbers, should I answer or not? This app has been helpful and cutting down on the nuisance calls. I also appreciate the ability to report calls that are clearly fraudulent.

Great App!

So far I’ve found the app to be spot-on with the calls it blocks. So wonderful not to hear perky Elizabeth all the time! 😂

How do I delete all the calls on file since 2017?

It says it only stores 30 days but shows since 2017

Please Update for iOS 11 & iPhone X

The App hasn’t been updated in the last 6 months, and AT&T Robocaller rating has skyrocketed +13% in early 2018 and currently sits atop the most Robocallers list for wireless carriers. I get 5-7 Robocallers a day, and this App really has t done anything lately to block these callers. Please update your Block List, iOS 11 Support, and resolution for iPhone X.

Not filtering robocalls

I still get many robot calls trying to sell me something. Today it was a “final expenses” policy. Often debt consolidation.

Why 4 stars?

Well because although it blocks fraud calls it does not block private or block caller ID numbers, I wish they add that functionality because I keep getting blocked caller ID calls and can’t stop them. Once they add this functionality I will give it 5 stars.

Some blocking

After installing the app, it has blocked a fraudulent call for me, but many spam calls have also made it through. I am hoping that by reporting the spam calls continuously, the app will be better equipped to block more calls. The reporting feature is good and allows narrative.


Absolutely Perfectly Dependable!!

Great App But . . .

This is a great app, but scammers are endlessly resourceful and they may have found a way to avoid being blocked through the app. I am posting this review in the hope that the app’s developers will see it and adjust. I noted a missed call and voicemail on my iPhone SE today. I checked the voicemail transcript and read the following: “And once again expired after that you will be taken under custody by the local cops as there are four serious allegations pressed on your name at this moment we would request you to get back to us so that we can discuss about this case before taking any legal action against you the number to reach us is 925-322-5219 I repeat 925-322-5219 _⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_…” I am certain that there are no “serious allegations” against me, and I would certainly like to block this number and report the call. But when I opened the Call Protect app, the call was not in my call log, so I couldn’t report it using the app. It’s still in my list of missed calls. So, developers, can you figure out what they did and patch the hole? Thanks for a great app. I had to put one star because I assume you read the negative reviews first.

So helpful

So helpful


I was told that the calls would not even go through so what’s the deal I had to wait for it to hang up to block it

Not working

Had to call AT&T to get the app to work enough to install. Now it just doesn’t work. App doesn’t know that I had any class since installing several days ago. Tried to enter a number manually but, doesn’t seem to know that I have received any.


This app worked great for about a month, now it dies not do anything at all. There have been at least 10 calls that were robocalls and the app did not catch any of them. Hopefully it can get upgrades so it works again.

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