AT&T Call Protect App Reviews

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You’ll need to turn off notifications and be patient

First, notifications: if you have that turned on you get s whole series for one phone call. Basically once every second. Might be related to how the app identifies fraudulent calls. Not sure. But supper annoying when they keep popping on the screen. Second, patience: seems like we, the users, have to train the app. Of course people perpetrating these robo calls have thousands of phone numbers so you’ll spend an eternity writing them up. Almost as annoying as the calls themselves. Not sure if the app has ever identified a fake call before I’ve logged it as such. With new trick of attaching a fake name to calls things might become harder as they are read as “identified call”. So, my patience is wearing thin. Is AT&T (and other telecoms) putting this on the subscribers rather than trying to figure out how to simply stop this crap from ever reaching us? Yes, is my guess. Kinda like the “convenience” of bagging your own groceries (a labor savings for stores in reality) 😂

Not working

It worked great for a while, now I can’t even manually block a call without the app shutting down.


Have been paying the 3.99 for a couple months with no issues. Didn’t get any unwanted calls. The last couple days that’s changed and I’ve received over 20 scam calls. So it’s worse now then it was before I started paying. Is att giving my number to the low life’s?

Practically not worth it

It worked for repeat calls and that’s about it. Still let through 80% or more calls. Now the app wants me to re-register, it sends a pin when you enter your number, if you try and look at the text to enter the pin it shoots you back to the main menu and keeps the cycle over and over, but once you try to enter the pin it’s then invalid since you request a new. Complete garbage


I downloaded this app 6 months ago and it used to work and block all unwanted calls that were spam, and ones I added as well. But then it just stopped working and when I try to re-load the app and re-register it tells me “phone line not eligible because I need to have AT&T HD Voice service”??! I called ATT and the rep there had no idea why it would say that either. What’s going on??!


So far after a week the app isn’t blocking hardly any calls.


It doesn’t actually block prevent known spam calls or telemarketers from disturbing you. A feature to block certain numbers that begin with a certain area code or first 3 numbers of known spam callers would be helpful.

Why am I doing all the work?

The idea of this app sounds nice but all of the same calls keep getting through (but from different numbers) and are NOT being identified as spam until I manually report it. There has to be a better way to do this.

Does not appear to work

Within an hour of installing this app and setting up on my phone, I received a spam phone call.

Never sends me the pin to complete

First off why do I have to log in more than once. Secondly why can I not get the pin code to complete the sign in? I’ve pressed the didn’t get pin code more times than I care too and never get it.


Hasnt blocked any spam calls yet unless i specify the number, which defeats the purpose


Still get calls multiple times daily. Doesn’t automatically block numbers but tells me it’s a telemarketer or suspected spam. Useless.

App doesn’t work

I can’t even use it. Please fix this.

Love it

Telemarketing blocked I’m bombarded with these calls! Thankes blocker!

Dumb app

When I login into the app is asks for my phone number. When I give that The app asked me to verify me so they send me a text. That is fine. The problem is when you go to the text even though you don’t close the app it immediately reverts back to the phone number. So there’s no way to get the text of the challenge code without minimizing the app which reverts the app. It is a circular thing. So stupid.

It really works!!! Best App Ever...

This app is the greatest to keep your phone free of bogus calls that takes up your time day to day. I bought the app with full features and I have not received any calls from telemarketers, etc. This app is well worth purchasing to keep your phone free of the bogus calls that you end up blocking manually, day after day, after day... With this cool app you don’t have to worry about manually blocking the unwanted calls anymore; The app takes care of all that for you by not letting that calls through. I love it and will always keep it on any phone I own. Its better than changing your phone number and that do not call list for registering your phone number does not work! I believe my calls got worst after that crap... So, get the app and be at peace like me. Take care, No more BOGUS!

Doesn’t stop calls but flags them

I’d much rather it stop the calls completely, I already knew they were fraud and spam calls.


The app does not seem to pick up on telemarketers any more 🤔


Why?? Also it continues to allow calls that are clearly labeled “telemarketers “. To come through... This morning the plus version allowed a call without identifiable caller information to come through.. Major failure again


It gives me a sense of security!!! I love it.

Does absolutely nothing...

I have had it for a month. No blocked calls. 4 flagged. I get 2-3 calls a day. What a joke.

Better than nothing

Works some but a lot of spam and scams get thru. They are annoying and I wish this did better.

AT&T Call Protect Plus

I downloaded the AT&T Call Protect app. I get calls all the time from unknown numbers. So I paid for the Plus addition, and nothing. Nothing changed, it tells me I paid through the 24th of August. My month will run out and I will have paid for nothing to change. Very disappointing.


Two weeks after install and I’m still getting the same amount of telemarketers. What’s the point of telling me it’s a telemarketer calling??? Just go ahead and block it so I never even see it on my phone! Also the call log shows not a single call blocked in two weeks. Useless!


I’ve only had it a day so far but it’s blocked over 20 calls! I’m so sick of those stupid unwanted calls!


Does not block telemarketing nor spam calls !!!

Still Getting Calls

So I’m paying for the service and yet still receiving calls marked “suspected spam.” I thought the app was supposed to block this.

Basic Service pretty good but...

The premium version is a waste of money - the actual identification of the caller is still unavailable in most instances and the reverse look up feature doesn’t provide names in many instances, either.

Hate telemarketers!

Highly recommend this app if u get unwanted telemarketing calls! Doesn’t stop all of them, but who’s perfect! Just wish it was available for my land line!

Can’t get passed Log-in Verification

A buggy set up loop prevents me from making use of this app: 1. I supply my number. 2. I input the verification code that I receive via text message. 3. I briefly see the home screen of the app, only to immediately afterwards be presented with the first screen where I’m requested to supply my number.

Doesn’t do anything my phone doesn’t already do.

Kind of worthless app. Still rings through on spam, suspected spam, you name it it gets through. It does tell me it is spam, but my phone already does that. It blocks nothing that I can tell and I still have to push a button to block future calls from that number. And, since spammers and scammers are calling from millions of different numbers, I’ll be dead 30 years before I block them all.

Last update ruined it

After the last update this app became unusable. It worked pretty good until then. Now it wants to send a code to login. When you open the text to see the code, the app sends you back to the first page to enter your number again. It becomes an endless loop. Update: after uninstalling and reinstalling, the app is working again. The reason for the 3 star rating is because incoming calls flagged as spam and telemarketing still ring through, requiring that they be manually blocked. That should be addressed, as the reason for having the app in the first place is to block these calls.

Deleted after 3 months; phishing scam

Wanted this app to work, and tried it for 3 months. I would report then block every sales call and scam pitch I received via the app, but no luck. In 3 months got more than 100 telemarketing calls to private cell number and it blocked 0. Not even one. Easier to block a number in iOS “Recent” calls than with this app anyway. Wasted lots of time describing and reporting telemarketing calls for nothing. Did I mention that out of 100+ telemarketing calls, it blocked ZERO? In the meantime, AT&T just collected tons of info on me. Mean company. Scam phishing app.

Still getting calls

I still get about 15 scam calls a day which is so annoying. I wish they would block all spam numbers.

Too many calls getting thru.

The software has certainly reduced the number of calls, but why are none telemarketing calls getting thru?

This feels like protection money for the mob

The value of this app seems to drop daily. At first, I liked it, as a resource to filter robocalls and the like. But, more and more calls are getting through. While I get that not everything can be caugt, I'm getting calls (and voicemails) from numbers that have clearly been tagged as nefarious by the community. The "solution?" Pay ATT a monthly fee to try to do a better job. I'm sorry, ATT, but you're in on this. The scammers get away with this on your network and thenetors of your peers, you pretend you're helpless (because it's profitable) and then have the nerve to ask for ~$50 a year to maybe try harder. The value of the service i get from ATT is rapidly declining, becuase the majority of the calls I receive are now scammers.

It’s all about money with At&t

Their service is high enough & they want to pay $3.99 A month too block unwanted phone calls as in extra feature that should be part of your service if I am A valued customer as you repeatedly claim😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩

Annoying review

Respond to the app to do a review later and every time I turn around it is prompting a review. If AT&T keeps on badgering the use for a review, a negative one they shall receive.

Doesn’t work

Every time I got to validate the registration PIN, it takes me back to the enter your phone number screen. It’s a continuous, frustrating loop of poor app development.

Blocks/Flags Telemarketers

So please I finally have a safe and secure way to flag and then block telemarketers! Excellent app!

To many telemarketing calls get through

To many telemarketing, robo calls, and scam callers are getting through. Credit card companies trying to lower your rate, scams about RIS coming to get you, vacations spots and anything else you can sell. The app is really not doing its job.


Still lets all the spam through. I still have to go manually block them. I can do that with my iphone, so this is useless. It even let through a call with the phone number “88”. Seriously? You thought that was a legitimate call?!?

Yet to work

I’ve had it for a week and every spam Call has still come through unabated.


Works for 3 months and then I get every telemarketer on the market. Even says telemarketer and the app doesn’t block. Probably sold my info to them. Thanks for nothing.

Mills Security, inc.

We love this application, it’s a must get application. I promise you will never go back to anything else. Thank you

Harassing phone calls from anonymous sources!

Since downloading this App, it has completely blocked a particular group of scammers that have been calling me phone regularly! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Doesn’t work

Could not get pin to enter. When I leave app. to go to messages to get the pin it drops out

It’s ok

I thought this would automatically pick up robo calls but I have to block it manually.


This is just what I need thanks, and now a lot of my worries about getting call I don’t want are gonr

Not worth it

I didn’t notice a decrease in junk calls and only a few said telemarketer. Very disappointed.

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