AT&T Call Protect App Reviews

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Doesn’t stop blocked calls

Block calls still come through hit and miss it will stop some and then others still come through!!


I have an at&t mobile line and have had it for years. Unfortunately this app doesn’t support prepaid lines so the app is useless to me.

Super useful

Saves me a lot of time by letting me know in advance which calls are crap. Lol. Thank you!

Doesn’t block spam calls anymore

Worked great for months... then a couple weeks ago it stopped blocking spam calls.


It worked for the first two days.

Doesn’t work

I’ve had this a few weeks now & it hasn’t blocked one spam call

I guess I must be on the front lines

This blocks maybe 1/10 calls. The rest get through, leaving me to manually report and block them. I recognize call spoofing is hard for them to get a lockdown on, but if that's all these fraudsters are using, then what's the point? I'm getting sick of being the one to flag the callers that everyone else gets to have blocked for them. You're welcome.

Tina m

Stops most of the calls , but if there are duplicate numbers they keep coming

Waste of space!

Last call it blocked was 3 months ago. Getting daily calls.


It seems less discriminating than the comparable app from Verizon. Too many telemarketers get through.

App won’t complete registration. Hit a snag message.

Loaded and removed a number of times, App won’t register , I keep getting a ‘ we have hit a snag” message.

Can’t get it to work

First thing app does is have you type in your number... no enter button, no way to advance page.... just sits there..😳🤬


Still getting phone calls from political parties and blocked calls only have a generic name. This should not be a chargeable service and more importantly disappointed in AT&T for failing to provide a decent level of protection as part of monthly fee. Paying for this additional service fails to deliver:(

Easy to use

This app is a very easy way to manually block and report unwanted spam calls. It also screens out and automatically blocks spam type calls identified by AT&T and other users. I like this app - jp


Doesn’t work at ALL.

It blocks a lot, still some robocalls get through

Does what it is supposed to, and many calls have been filtered. I still get quite a few robocalls though, but overtime I expect the app will get better.


I was expecting a lot more from a call blocker with the AT&T brand on it. Silly on my part. This app has less functionality than my previous call blockers. It has NOT blocked one call in 5 days of usage.

Call protection

Still getting 6-8 calls from the same area code a day

Keep improving the app

This app is great but I still have to manually block most of the telemarketers that call. Continuous improvement will make this app excellent.

Blocked calls

I am still getting calls through that I shouldn’t have to bother with

Doesn’t work

It’s junk! I paid for the subscription but it doesn’t work... Scam callers still get through. They make up a fictitious name for their caller ID & the Call Protect App thinks it’s a legitimate phone call from your contacts.

Works but there are less expensive alternatives

The ATT call block app work but they charge $3.99 per month, with no yearly option like their competitors. So just shy of $48 per year VS $15 or so means look elsewhere. I am dropping this and going with Mr Number because they offer one year for $15.


Love it

I’m an AT&T customer premium should be included

I’m an unlimited AT&T customer. This premium service should be included for free.

Good in Theory

Crashes every time I open it and it is very slow to load.

Good, BUT-

"Moderate" threat, 300 reports??? No. After 10 reports it should go on the auto block list and my phone should never ring. Just my opinion.

Don’t buy it just get free

Horrible I upgraded it and still same no caller ID can’t custom call block only thing good is the free app dose the same has the upgrade


It is good but it would be nice to tell me who it is without me paying for it. One was public’s pharmacy.

Just barely useful

I think in two months of having this app, it stopped one call and let in 10. This is as close to useless as you can get without it being totally useless.

Does nothing

This service stops about one call in ten. It’s fairly useless. All about pushing you into their paid model.

Better Than Nothing

Only blocks 50 percent of the calls but better thank nothing. It leaves a sour taste in the mouth that ATT is selling the more powerful version. IT SHOULD BE FREE! ATT can very well block spam calls at the network level. Telecom industry, get your act together and stop only looking at your profits and actually do something good for your customers.

Doesn’t do much

Doesn’t do enough to identify spoof calls, good for manually blocking calls only

Call protect

This is not blocking the calls. It really isn’t doing what it is supposed to. Not very happy with this app


Finally an end to irs, att, prefix-identical calls. ATT ~ YOU ROCK!

No help

I’m still getting bombarded daily by scammers. I’ve reported and blocked 77 calls vs 11 att caught over last 3 weeks. I’m hoping for silence but it never comes.

App does not work at all!! Useless!!!!

This app does not work well at all. 0 stars.

This app is scam itself!!!

Before installing this app I always had one maximum two calls during the day. Couple days after installing the app, Call protector started blocking dozens of calls in the morning and dozens in afternoon and etc. I had a spam calls but never had so many. And now it is a disaster! I have something like 40-50 calls a day WHICH I NEVER HAD BEFORE INSTALLING THIS APP!!!!!! Conveniently for jus 3.5$ a month (!) call protector offers you complete protection from all calls! Obviously once you install the app, they sell you information to telemarketers who bombards you with calls so you have to buy full version of call protector! TOTAL SCAM!!! Next step is complain to apple, and lawsuit!

Sketchy on IDentyfying telemarking calls

Have to Manually block most calls that are let through. I’m not sure if that’s how it works by design.


I have to manually block numbers. I can already do it on my phone. They block nothing on their own. I still get spam calls. It SHOULD be auto blocked.

So far has not done the job

Paid for the upgrade. But calls still getting through

Not equal to what other carriers include gor free !

Other carriers have it appear FOR FREE if calls are suspected SPAM. As much as we pay monthly, it shouldn’t be an additional $3.99 per month to have that. Just saying.... Are y’all TRYING to have us SWITCH ? NOT FEELING THE LOVE FROM AT& T !!!

Not enough

Not blocking enough telemarketers and other unwanted calls

Will it work, maybe.

I’ll wait a bit longer before writing a review. At this point I am neutral, I have several numbers that calls my phone daily and blocking these through Apple block list has no avail. Maybe this app does the trick.

Does not block anything

I don’t get any fewer scam calls. I makes more work and they expect you to pay for an enhanced app

It needs improvement!!

I like that it blocks some calls, but it still lets calls through. The calls show “Telemarketer” on the ID... if you know it’s a “Telemarketer” why not block it? The whole point in having the app is to STOP the “Telemarketers” and Scam calls!!!

Not working

I was impressed the first day of the app but I’ve already had three calls that were computer generated with computer generated voices and they have not been blocked they were allowed to come through

Works great

Great service by AT&T


The app, even paying for PLUS does not stop “UNKNOWN” callers. One of the whole reason I got this app and decided to pay for it. Very upset about that.

Number blocking does not work

I signed in and wanted to enter the number of a spammer that has been plaguing me. The app wouldn’t let me block the number. The submit button in the dialogue box that takes the number stayed grey no matter what I did. It. Just. Did. Not. Work. So what is the point of using a call blocker that won’t take numbers?

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