AT&T Call Protect App Reviews

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Great Job Guys

One more thing

Does a good job, however the app should be able to block callers with private numbers or no caller ID.

Almost useless

Does not stop fake caller calls, no caller info.

Unknown caller

Wish this app or at&t or Apple would allow blocking of unknown caller calls.

Love this App but it could use one more feature

I really love this app but wish you could add an option...allow users to select “Block All Calls Not in my Contacts List”. This would allow users that don’t give out their cell numbers to businesses/companies to just get phone calls from friends and family members on their list. I know the younger generation gives their number to everyone because they no longer use landlines. But senior citizens, such as myself, only give out our “home number” to businesses/companies because we initiated the connection. Hope this made sense to you. Thanks for this app! Nancy Wagner

So far No Good

Spam calls are still coming through without warning. I get 5-6 spammers a day calling. This was a waste.

A great app but...

The 'blocked call notifications' does not work properly.. I'm being spammed by one number multiple times a day and although the app stops my phone from ringing, the app keeps notifying me. When I go back into the app, the app has ticked back ON notifications. Please fix this. I've turned the notifications of for a reason; I do NOT want to be notified, especially if I've turned the option OFF! Please fix this bug so that when a user toggles notifications off, the option stays off.

Has done nothing

This hasn’t done anything in the last week since being downloaded. I still get spam and auto calls, when I look, the app knows they’re spam, but still has them ring through. One month update- still has yet to auto lock anything, and I get spam calls daily. I can at least start putting them on a block list, but they spam rarely used the same numbers before, so it isn’t an improvement over just blocking with my phone.

What a piece of crap

This app is pure crap. I have an iphone 7 and it doesn’t work on my phone. It say no calls for the last 30 days and I got 10 calls yesterday. My sister has an iphone 6s plus it only half works on her phone. It sees her call log but didn’t block 6 scam calls that called her phone between 1 and 3 AM. The app flagged them as spam/scam but let them ring through. This piece of crap was AT&T’s way of getting the FTC, FCC, and Congress off their back over not doing anything to block telescammers calling cellphones. Don’t bother downloading this pile of crap.


I would just like to thank this app for keeping my identity secret

Not very good

What use is this app when you have to manually block the call yourself after you receive a call? I can do that on my iphone.

Works as represented

It does a good job of keeping calls blocked and identifying spam. I get the feeling if everyone reports spam and telemarketers it will improve everyone’s experience.


Nononono review time

Strange Issue

Since downloading and using this app to block annoying calls, seems like I get a ton more then normal, like 4-5 times daily. I deleted the app and haven’t gotten a call week! Strange!

Blocked call notification

This app works great. My only complaint is I turned off the blocked call notification but I still get notifications. Every time I open the app, the notification part is back on. So annoying.

This app does next to nothing

Downloaded this app in a hope to limit the amount of unwanted calls I get, But thus app stopped 1 call out of 20

Calls not blocked

Why does this app not block those irritating calls that are fraudulent or about credit cards I do not possess????

Not blocking calls.

I just got a call for a number ID of “telemarketer” and it has a block history of 33. Pathetic. What a useless app. I’m deleting it now.

My calls for all day

I want to let you know I received per day almost 75 called a day no matter what time. Sometimes 6 in the morning, other times midnight. My iPhone was full of blocked calls. The don’t call number really doesn’t help for me, I would like to see everyone that calls on the don’t call number be prosecuted and fine 1,000 dollars a call and 1 year in jail. We are so full commercials and people hacking. And others trying to tell you your windows has expired and they give you a number to get it fixed. I am very thankful of AT&T to have this software for use all to you again that you, thank you, thank you. So far it I working very good. I am sure it will kick a number out that is a good once in a while well they can call back. I recommend you try this app you will like it a lot.

Block unwanted call

It tell me about telemarketing and scam and fraud They keep calling with the same or different numbers

Great App

It may not have a lot of buzzers and whistles but it does its job and that is all I want out of it. I have only had it on my phone two days and it already has blocked several fraud calls

Good But - Spectrum is more effective

Very good. However Spectrum is much better at blocking telemarketers.

Call protect

Best app ever!

Call Protect does not work!

AT&T need to fix this app. I receive multiple international fraud calls every day. This app doesn’t block the spam. AT&T needs to come up with a better solution to protect their customers.

Needs critical improvement

Lacks (intuitive) means to change a call’s status to and from spam/fraud status.

Love this app

It blocks the worst numbers and alerts you of likely telemarketing calls so weeding out the bs is easy! Thanks AT&T

No More Telemarkers

This app is wonderful. It auto blocks those pesky telemarketers and whomever else you desire. It is awesome to know my callers are legit.

Will not block or ID No Caller ID/Unknown callers

Inconsistently blocks telemarketing calls and spoofed calls with an identifiable number. Still allows too many through. Doesn’t block or ID unknown callers or no caller id calls. While I’m appreciative of the calls that are blocked, the majority of my nuisance call are of the unknown type, to the tune of 5-8 a day. I need a solution for this problem. Come on, AT&T. You know you can do this. We’ve all paid you an enormous amount of money, and continue to, so fix this crap. I shouldn’t have to contemplate changing my decades old phone number to get some relief.

Great Concept; Lots of Crashes

I love the concept and when it works it works well. But on my iPhone 6 over the course of the last several months this app crashes nearly every time I use it.

Call protect

Ty this app. Works and easy to use. At my age with all the new technology I can use all the help I can get. Thanks again.

Call protect

Love this app.

Not a good app

Doesn’t block all the spam calls. I’ve manually blocked numbers that continue to call me and it doesn’t show it on the manually block log. Not happy

Not impressed

It worked for a little while when I 1st downloaded it, telling me it was a telemarketer, but not it’s not even doing that, I thought it was supposed to block these unwanted calls automatically and I see no way to change the setting. You can block these calls manually, but I can do that without this app. So why have an app that’s not doing what it’s supposed to. If they make improvements to the app and get it working I will change my review and rating but for now, it gets a 2 🙁

Still getting 8 calls per day

It is good that this app warns me of spam calls but that is. It enough. ATT and Apple need to create an app to AUTO REJECT all suspected spam calls.

Scam calls

I love this app already. It’s been so peaceful with it. L I love how it keeps up with everyone who calls

Good start

Needs to option to block all voip calls and known telemarketers... then would be a 5 star app.

Yes mama

I love how much this app helps me from calls that could be trying to steal my identity.


Great app! Saves me a lot of trouble! Thanks!

Good for a free app!

Works well. Default setting is to notify you when it detects fraud or spam call but you can change setting to not notify. Wish there was a feature to block all calls from a specific area code. I get a call every day from a different number that goes to voice mail soliciting for medical/health insurance. When I call the number back, there is a recording that the number doesn’t accept incoming calls. These calls come in at 4-5 a.m.!

Very helpful

I was having problems with spam calls and found this app and it works amazing!


Want to try and protect myself from unscrupulous people

So far so good.

I will do another review after I had a chance to check it out further.

Works sometimes

Still getting calls from Rachel at cardholder services

Susan Mehfoud

I love this app

Best App EVER

My husband found out about this app and we both downloaded it onto our phones.. best App Ever! We were getting plagued by telemarketers and a plethora of other unwanted phone calls. Now they are all automatically blocked! Love It! Thank you for making this App!

Helps somewhat but still allows a lot of spam through

This would be a lot better if it would also auto-block the telemarketers and suspected spam (It only blocks “fraud” calls). The app seems to be able to accurately identify these, so why not auto-block these as well?

This is a very important application

I have spoken with a lawyer from the legal team from AT&T. To the best of my knowledge they said this application is the best safe guard agent fraudulent scams.

No autoblocks

What is the point of the call protect? I have 0 autoblocks so far. Every call has been let through.

Best App Ever

It was becoming far too common for spam calls to come through on both mine and my family’s phones, and we were getting tired of constantly blocking phone numbers. We stumbled upon this app and we have LOVED. IT. ever since! It automatically blocks numbers that have been previously reported as spam and gives you an alert that it was blocked. Gone are the days of forwarding calls to voicemail and blocking them manually! We love this app!!

Why are the telemarketers still calling

Not catching the Telemarketers????

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